Tuesday 24 July 2012

olympic torch relay!

Today my mum, brother and I woke up at the ungodly hour of 7am during the summer holidays to go see the olympic flame finally come to a town near where we live. I took the opportunity to take loads of photos, because as many have said, it's the only time the Olympics will be held in London during my lifetime. I'm not sure if everyone has succumbed to the olympic fever, but I sure have! My brother, aunt, cousin and I are going to see the water polo on August 1st, so expect some photos from then! I really should start wikipedia-searching all the details to do with water polo, I know no rules or anything! Anyway, here's the photos from today...
brother and my (Australian) mum 

Have you been to see the torch relay?



  1. I saw the torch relay a couple of weeks ago and actually got to touch the torch! it will certainly be a memory for life:D

    1. that's so cool! my friend from school had the honour of actually running with it in a town near our school! the memory of just seeing it is amazing, as you said it's definitely one for life :)


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