Wednesday 25 July 2012

summer - daily want #3

Today I realised something tragic. The absolute beauty of a clutch that I posted a mere two days ago has gone out of stock. The past couple days have seen me trying to find time to order it but not quite getting round to it, surely this will teach me for the future.
I have a wedding coming up in three weeks in Cardiff, which I'm so excited for! I've never been to Wales so a new place is a valuable experience in my eyes. Anyway- my dress is waterfall in style and of a bright turquoise, chiffon-y material. I need a clutch to 'spice' things up, completing the outfit. The studs undoubtedly would have been the perfect smart/stylish edge but oh well. If any of you do find a dupe (I've tried) please do notify me! (repayed in eternal love, of course.)
Whilst on my usual online ponderings I found this clutch. Completely different to the studded one shown on Sunday, it is black with a navy-ish blue glitter coating, perfect for going with my turquoise dress! The wristlet style is small and cute, yet spacious enough to fit the essentials. Have I found the one?! £8 from Dorothy Perkins is a bargain that I may just have to take advantage of.
Will you help me settle my clutch issues, once and for all?

p.s - I'm aware this didn't post on Tuesday like it was supposed to, haven't quite got the hang of scheduling posts yet, hehehe

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