Wednesday 25 July 2012

summer - daily want #4

Everyone can agree on how a full-length mirror is an essential. I have gone years without one, infact my entire life. I've been looking out for a decent length, priced and styled one for a while now, and today I finally found this one. It's white, the colour scheme of furniture in my room (or by the end of summer for sure, I plan to paint my chest of drawers.) £19.99 is such a good price, many others exceed £50 and quite frankly, reason. It doesn't need to be ridiculously tall, as I am a shortie at 5'1, so 122cm seems perfectly reasonable. 'Tis fate, non?


p.s - today I finally got my hands on Sleek's Rose Gold Blush! After around eighteen months of not being able to find it in any Superdrug stores I picked the last one up! Very very happy, expect a post on it during the upcoming month.


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  1. i'd offer to help paint your chest of drawers but after our disastrous attempt of painting mine I think i'd better keep away;) and will defo have to borrow your blush whenever i'm round heheheh xx


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