Wednesday 25 July 2012

simple spotless skin range

I'm a teenager, who struggles with spots and blemishes. Yeah, I said it. Over the past year or so my skin has shown signs of worsening, becoming more oily and way more blemish-prone. I know it's impossible to completely combat this: teenage skin doesn't simply go away, nor can it be ignored. I've tried a large range of skincare products, all giving individual promises on 'clearing skin' and 'removing blemishes.' During this time the brands I've gone through are Witch, Tesco, Johnsons (who's gel face wash is amazing), Lush, St Ives, Clean and Clear, Neutrogena, Bourjois and specific spot-related brands such as Clearasil.  
I purchased the entire range of Simple's new 'spotless skin' products, which were surprisingly good value. I managed to get the moisturiser for free, using points off my Boots card, though it often retails for £4.99. Whilst at Tesco with my Mum a few days later I noticed they were on buy one get one free, so the face wash and spot zapper were mine for a fiver.

The face wash is brilliant. Soft and scentless like all simple products, which prevents any break-outs or allergic reactions with sensitive skin. However, unexpectedly it contains small particles, rough enough to smoothly exfoliate, yet soft enough that it doesn't feel sore or sharp when applying to the face. It really makes my skin feel clean and soft even before moisturising.

I've never really taken moisturisers that seriously in the past. My skin isn't that dry, so for a long time I didn't consider it to be an essential part of my skincare routine. However, this has changed my mind. Although in a small bottle, a little goes a long way, and especially when applied straight after toner (mine's Eau Roma Water from Lush). My skin feels very hydrated, yet not caked or completely covered.

Spot removal treatments are generally the products I find most difficult. I've tried around five now, all of which have disappointed me in someway or the other (although I have to note Witch's spot stick, which is pretty good despite the inconvenient packaging). This one doesn't require your fingers to apply, therefore avoiding the risk of transferring bacteria from your hands and onto blemish-prone areas, only worsening the problem. Everyday after I do my skincare routine I gently glide this over my spots, on my forehead and sometimes my cheeks or chin. As for performance I feel it works reasonably well, better than others I've tried. The application is really nice, and although not completely removing spots, it does help prevent further break-out.

Have you tried the spotless skin range? I definitely recommend you do!


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