Tuesday 14 August 2012

collecting names of the lovers that went wrong

cobalt vest top - h&m
maxi skirt - new look
plaited belt - primark
sandals - clarks
nails: fingers - shade 1 and toes - shade 4 both by KIKO makeup milano

I bought this maxi skirt ages ago. During the January sales, I spotted it on New Look's teen section, generation 915 on the website, reduced from £15 to £5. I've always felt unsure about it, me being a unhelpful 5'1 and wanting to wear a long skirt doesn't always end up in glory. I'm not completely happy with the underskirt, it may as well be full length? Aah anyway, it looks good sheer in a way. I hope to take it on holiday in 10 days, perfect for a warm climate! The shirt is the same one I purchased around a couple of weeks ago in mint, but in the cobalt blue variation. For £1.99 it is the ultimate bargain, comfortable, figure-hugging and summery. Luckily it covers my belly button (something I like to ensure) so all in all h&m did me proud!

I purchased some nail polishes from KIKO makeup milano last week when shopping in Westfields and I am so impressed. £1.50 for 11ml of beautiful colour and a wonderful brush is just brilliant, I almost wish I bought more! Unfortunately they don't have actual shade names, but numbers which always is a shame, however you can see the full range online here.


the title reference is from this song, a new favourite that I can see myself adoring for a while.

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