Sunday 5 August 2012

newly found beauty bargains

You all may know by now that I love a bargain. I am one to challenge a tenner to as many wonderful products as possible, instead of posibly spending it on something needed like the wise may do. For a while I've needed to repurchase my beloved tangle teezer (RIP), but being sponteneous and crazy when placed in any superdrug store, I knew the money would be blown rather quickly.

My local superdrug is a lovely place. Relatively small and cute, it may not stock all the products of the megastores, but does enough to make me happy. Oh, and the offers. Sales and offers are always good. From there I bought three products from the NYC cosmetic range, one I haven't bought from before but have always looked at. I'm in no way one to prefer expensive products; although they may be of excellent quality, currently I'm at the age and bank balance for experimentation. I bought two nail polishes, a gorgeous grey named 'Sidewalkers', and a mauvey pink called 'Lincoln Square Lavender'. Something I love about the NYC range is that all of the names are in relation to New York City, although obvious in the naming and theme of the brand I think it's a good touch. Together they were on an offer for 'two for £2.49', which I thought was too good to miss. Individually they cost £1.79, a cheerfully inexpensive price. In addition to this I bought a lipstick in the shade 'Peach Fizz', a summery bronzey sunkissed holiday-ey sort of colour. Rubbish description I know, but that's just what it is. At £1.49 it was also a brilliant price, perfect for the budget brand.

Recently I've seen a few Poundland hauls along the bloggersphere, so naturally I had to check my local store out. Although the peculiar smell isn't what I'd call a natural go-to place of mine, I found a few glorious bargains that were simply..unbelievable. I bought a stila (yes, STILA) tinted moisturiser for a pound. Oh, and the shade they supplied (light 03) matches my skin perfectly. This was fate. I also spotted Clearasil's overnight serum, so for a pound I chucked it in my basket. I'm forever attempting to do a mass-spot-destruction, so another skincare remedy is never unreasonable in my eyes. Lastly I bought Veet's hair minimising body moisturiser. I'd tried a sample of this before out of a magazine around a year ago, and surprisingly enjoyed the smell. Hair removal products can often smell quite iffy, so this was refreshing. Obviously after one usage of a sample, no drastic changes were made but I did like how it cooled my legs, especially after the absolute agony (exaggeration) of epilation. I'm looking forward to trying this out!
Have you snatched any bargains lately?




  1. I bought an epilator expecting great things but it just hurts a lot and doesn't seem to work that well, or is that just mine? Thought the results would at least be worth the pain!x

    1. mine works reasonably well, hurts a lot as you said and needs doing more than the packaging suggested :( the results for me were okay, but not as good as I'd hoped xxx

  2. thats crazy! stila for a pound!

    lovely blog! <3


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