Wednesday 15 August 2012

berry rainbow apparition

Yesterday I caved into Boots' 2 for £8 deal on Bourjois nail products, a decision I don't regret. Bourjois definitely get the seal of approval from me, I adore their cute packaging along with their well-formulated beauty products. I've been lusting after rainbow apparition nail polish ever since I saw this review, posted by one of my favourite bloggers, Milly of Pearls and Poodles. It's very unique in colouring, I don't think any dupes are available for a reasonable price anywhere. I layered it over Barry M's Berry Ice Cream, a opaque lilac colour that is one of my all-time favourites. This ensured I'd only have to do two glitter coats instead of three, somewhat easing the removal process.

One negative I have about this is the ridiculously tall handle. Some may find this useful, revolutionary etc but personally I dislike it. It's too tall to fit in my storage, which I know, isn't essential but is definitely nice to be organised. I can say that as an untidy and unorganised person, my makeup storage is probably the thing I treasure most; however messy my room is, my storage is always spotless with eyeshadows coordinated and lipsticks all lined up straight.

The other product I purchased was the magic nail polish remover that everyone and their cat has been raving about these past few months. The idea behind it is very clever - dip into nail polish soaked foam, cut cleverly to fit your fingernail, removing your nail polish with ease. I tested this with the last nail polish I was wearing, as featured in my latest ootd. I wouldn't say it would match the somewhat unrealistic '1 second' claims, but does the job well: it's easy, quick and very handy. I'm not completely sure if I would recommend it or not, I've seen cheaper alternatives in Superdrug for about half the price (yet half the amount of product). I'm not sure, for £4.99 I would see this as a luxury rather than a holy-grail product.



  1. That is stunning, I'm verrry tempted now! xx

  2. I keep picking up Rainbow Apparition but am yet to buy it, I'm even more tempted now as it looks beautiful
    : ]

  3. In love with your nails! :) xx


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