Thursday 16 August 2012

i was praying that you and me might end up together


dress new look // belt primark // nails bourjois rainbow appiration

Just a quick post for now! I wore this yesterday to go to ikea with mum to pick up a few bits and bobs, I would show you in a haul but in reality there's nothing really that interesting about blue magazine folders and purple drawer dividers. I had to take photos and notes down of textile decoration as part of my coursework for Textiles GCSE, product analysis using an established brand. Getting to adore the interiors was just a bonus. Oh, and picking up the meatballs. I saw a tweet once saying 'one does not simply go to ikea and not eat or buy some of their delicious meatballs' and wow they are so true.

Excitingly, today I got my A.S Level results for a course I took two years early, General Studies. Many have to take it as a requirement during sixth form and I'm so pleased to have passed with a B grade! Something to add to my CV definitely as I over the next few years rack up some UCAS points.

I'm off to Cardiff tomorrow for the weekend with Mum, going to a wedding! I adore them but haven't been to one since I was seven so this is all very exciting. I love dressing up and all that! Also, I've never been to Wales before so exploring Cardiff city will be so amazing! It's strange how I've lived in England 13/15 years of my life but never been there, considering we're 'neighbours' and are both part of the UK. There's a first time for everything!

Expect no posts for the weekend but photos to follow shortly after! Have a lovely weekend!


The title is from this song. It's beautiful and sweet and pretty and was apparently featured on the 'Vampire Diaries'. Now, I don't watch that but for the past year I've listened to it on and off, a calm but personal favourite. 


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  1. Your nails are gorgeous!



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