Sunday 19 August 2012

oh I swear to you, I'll be there for you

dress lipsy // blazer primark // clutch tk maxx // watch casio, asos // shoes dorothy perkins
shoes definitely worthy of 'the most uncomfortable shoes of all time'.

Cardiff was lovely. It's so beautiful, as are the people and the accents are adorable. Crazily my train ticket price was cheaper than a child's travelcard around London. at £2.40 I see myself going there often. I came home this evening and have already researched prices to go back in October during half term. Anyway, onto the outfit worn at a wedding this weekend. The dress I found on sale at Lipsy, off their website. I'm into the dipped hem trend as I like to look classy, but don't mind 'showing off a bit of leg'. And no, not in a wearing a belt as a skirt subsititute kind of way. It cost £22 and was available in this gorgeous turquoise colour, and an 'mmmm' pale pink too-sheer shade. I like to think I chose the nicer of the two. The shoes were on sale at Dorothy Perkins from when I did my work experience stint there for £10 down from £30. Gorgeous, yes. Extremely uncomfortable pain gushing throbbing sore on edge of screaming agony? Yes, also. The blazer was purchased in the January sales of 2011 on the £5 rack of Primark. Need I say any more?

Photos of Cardiff city and possibly some of the wedding shall be uploaded soon! Hope you had a lovely weekend, and to any Londoners, enjoyed the heatwave! I'm gutted to have missed the hottest two days of the year.


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  1. omg i neeeddd that dress!



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