Saturday 19 January 2013

London Blogger Meetup

Myself and Rosie from The Londoner

 B-Soho, 22 Poland Street, London.

 Today proved that us Londoners, despite the recent weather shake-up can still travel and gather in style. Organised by Rose from The Londoner, B-Soho is a recently-opened pizza bar located in the heart of London, just a couple minutes walk from Oxford Circus underground station. Being my incredibly socially awkward self, I was very shy at first..coming on my own wan't going to stop me however I'm not one to go up to people and just talk. Luckily, many lovely people were there who broke the ice, including the lovely Beth from Sans Souci Blog, Holly from Champagne & Wellington Boots and Sophie from Covered in Cow Poop. Each of them are all wonderful people so make sure you check them out!
 I've been reading Rosie's blog for the last year, never does it fail to entice me and every time I see a new food post I feel...hungry. I definitely consider her an inspiration, in style, blogging and lifestyle so it was an absolute pleasure to meet her. What really struck me was how caring she was - whether it be making sure I had a drink or was enjoying my food, or even offering to take my outfit photos. I met a few other lovely ladies whose blog handles I didn't manage to collect, however I'm hoping their names will pop up over Twitter somewhere soon.
 studded jeggings pull & bear / lilac top dorothy perkins / scarf h&m / cardigan la redoute / boots new look / satchel Camden market. 

and a few classic touristy photos of Carnaby / Great Marlborough St. 

Here's to a fab day meeting some lovely people, and eating generous amounts of pizza.



  1. Aw, looks as though you had so much fun!

    Brunette in Louboutins A fashion & lifestyle blog.

  2. Great pictures & blog! Newest follower :)


  3. So sad I couldn't make it to the meet up today but hopefully Rosie will host another soon! Love your blog!


  4. Love your blog, it's fab - and jealous you met Rose! You both look gorgeous! xx

  5. Such an amazing day- look forward to following your posts from now on xxx


  6. Wish I could have gone, looks amazing. Hoping there's another one soon so I pluck up the courage to go. Great post!

  7. I really wanted to go to this but I was busy today! I found your blog after Rose tweeted about you :) I will definitely go to the next one!

    La Vie Quotidienne

  8. Hi Thalia! It was lovely to meet you today, so glad I helped to break the ice :) Great post - going to check out the rest of your blog now!

    Beth xxx

  9. LOVE it! I'm so so sad that I'm basically a world away (California) and "missed it". Me and pizza are BFF and according to Rose that place makes an amazingly good pie! Loving your blog :)

    Hourglass & Bloom

  10. A "fashion blogger" wearing jeggings is bad enough (have a care for the English language rather than marketing speak)
    But when they are baggy and creased at the knees then only reaction can be:
    Ewww. No.
    There is, by the way, a proper London bloggers group if you are serious rather than a dilettante.

    1. Such a shame you feel the need to be catty. Jealousy is such a sad thing. I for one think she looks lovely, and the fact she has a succesful blog at 15 is brilliant. Ignore the haters Thalia, they're not worth your time! xx

    2. Ignore them hun, your blog is great & you looked the bee's knees!
      "You aint rated til you're hated!" this just means you've made it! xxx

    3. Excuse me, but who the hell do you think you are? This is my best friend you are talking to, and not only are you being rude, but you obviously have no idea what you're talking about considering the comments Thalia recives? You clearly are feeling bad about yourself and so think it appropriate to make un-needed comments about others. I suggest you go back to your sad little world and leave Thalia alone. She is worth ten of you.

    4. I find this so silly! Why does anyone feel they have the need to be so mean? If you have nothing nice to say, don't speak up! Your comments arn't welcome here, or anywhere else for that matter!

  11. I was gutted I double booked today! Was so looking forward to coming. And regardless of what that 'Real World' person says, you look great! :)

  12. The venue is really pretty, wish I was in London for it. Looks fun :)

    Lola x

  13. the restaurant looks amazing! im so going next time!!
    xxx from Bath,

  14. it looks like you had such a lovely time, and i love your scarf - such a pretty colour xxxx

  15. It was a pleasure to meet you - when I was 15 I was mid-through goth phase with grotty black hair and unable to string a sentence together let alone venture to a blogger meet up by myself. You are a star and you looked gorgeous, stay in contact!

    <a href="> covered in cow poop - a veterinary student's blog </a>

  16. Even though I live in London Camden and Carnaby St never get old. Looks like you had a great time xx

  17. Looks like you had such an amazing time! Your outfit is so cute and i love the studded jeggings xox

  18. So jealous you got to meet the Londoner! Looks like you had fun :) Such a shame as I live in Monaco...maybe next time... I also love your blog by the way, it's really cool xox

  19. it sounds like you had a great time, i would have loved to have been able to go to the meet up, love your jeggings.x


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