Tuesday 8 January 2013

leather satchel

For absolutely ages I've been on the hunt for a leather satchel - one that was spacious, sturdy and ultimately safe as I'm the most paranoid person when it comes to safety and stealing etc. When visiting Camden Market recently with my Mum we went on a search, so many stalls and small shops have them whether rustic, tan-coloured, modern or gothic.

After looking through a few places to find the one, we found a stall near the main food area, and after looking through many of different shapes, sizes, finishes, colours, fastenings and variations I settled for this one. Being real leather, I'm sure it'll last for years, even through love and constant use. It has a sort of crackled finish, although still feels smooth. The long strap attached is adjustable as found with many satchels, but also has a shoulder pad which eases of the common pain of a heavy bag. The buckle satisfies my need to be safe and secure and all of that, and although is slightly tedious to open and close, I know nothing could ever be lost from in there.

At £70 it is undoubtedly the single most expensive fashion-related item I have ever owned, although saying this I can't take credit as my absolutely lovely Mum paid for me. I hate sounding bratty at all but I feel it is long lasting enough to justify the price! I'm well into a spending ban on my behalf now though, I think it's been over a month since I stepped into a Boots or Superdrug which finally allows some pennies to go into my savings rather than in there!

What's your favourite bag like - are you into satchels?



  1. Oh gosh, that's gorgeous! I'm on the hunt for a similar bag, although I'm not sure I can justify £70 right now :( I'll definitely check out Camden market though, I really need something spacious & sturdy! xo

    talbsx.blogspot.com | @talbsx

  2. That is gorgeous and at £70 I'm sure it will last you forever!! Next time I am in Camden I am defiantly going to check out some of the stalls!! xx

  3. I got a red Zatchel for my 18th birthday and I absolutely love it! Satchels are such good basic bags to have and they go with all outfits :)

    La Vie Quotidienne


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