Saturday 12 January 2013

In the mourning, I'll rise

 lilac long sleeve top primark / black cut-out dress primark / denim jacket vintage / scarf market in Delhi / bag primark / tights primark / boots new look / nails rimmel sweet as sugar

I love those days when you realise how many clothes from Primark you own, as you coincidentally wear loads at the same time. This dress is a personal favourite of mine, I miss being able to wear it like this, back in July last year when the weather was actually decent! Saying this, I'm not one to hide my favourite pieces in a 'summer box' for a majority of the year, so layering is the ideal approach to take.

Now I wish I could reflect on an incredibly interesting Saturday, involving shopping or a marathon of Skins episodes, however in reality I spent 3 and a half hours at my local library, revising. This streak of productivity is unusual so naturally I made the most of it, and hopefully I can repeat this in the upcoming weeks and getting my revision on. I may have a pretty much non-existent social life but what can I say..? My diagrams of mitosis and meiosis rule.


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