Thursday 10 January 2013

setting fire to our insides for fun

 blouse primark / long sleeve top (worn underneath) primark / jeans pull and bear / boots ebay / ring primark / lipstick barry m 160 (review here) / nails rimmel pulsating

Examsexamsexams. Like so many students, this month is crazy on an academic basis and school is pretty life-consuming. I've just finished the ones I considered most important (English has always been my favourite) and am now left with French Speaking, Geography and Triple Science. Praying for A's but for now all I can do is revise my midget arse off!

This outfit is yet another 'wow, this was relatively inexpensive' example, something I find to be quite a common occurrence nowadays! Always a bargainer. The blouse is from Primark a/w 2011 and is dipped hem, a decent fit and wearable colours. I'm personally not the biggest fan of the buttons however I'm too lazy to find ten or so buttons that fit and match, as well as remove these golden ones and stitch on the new ones. Lazy girl problems. The jeans are my favourites, a tenner from Pull & Bear during last year's summer sales. As a petite girl I always have to search for skinny jeans that fit well, I find that H&M kids are amazing as they're short also however for good waist sizes go to Pull & Bear! A definite recommendation for anyone, petite or not but especially for us short gals out there.

Now, instead of placing suitable focus on revision this evening, I've sat comfortably on bed, watching e4 (which can I say, beats all on Thursday nights). New series of the Big Bang Theory? Yes please. Now all I have to do is spend a day at the library this weekend, going to get down and learn 400 words of French...yay.

Hope you're all having a lovely week and the best of luck to anyone with exams this month.


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  1. Love the whole outfit, especially the shirt and ring !

  2. Fell in love with that shirt .. well pretty much your whole outfit. <3


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