Tuesday 18 September 2012

diy: re-vamped make up storage

 So for a while I've been feeling the urge to snazz up my make up storage. I adore these chest of drawers, they're wooden, sturdy and a convenient £17 from IKEA, or from online here. It's been a few months since I originally bought it, and I guess general laziness / lack of spare time led me to put off decorating it, however I had some time over the weekend and finally decided to commit.
 a sneak peek of my storage draw for lip products 
 having fun taking out all the individual drawers, as for the childish game it had to be done
 next step: sprawl out the contents of each draw neatly. By neatly, I give a leeway. Roughly near products of similar purpose settles that decently.
 Now take it outside. Find a bit of sunshine, if living in England like myself consider yourself lucky. Grab some newspaper and create a little ~station~ and begin to paint. As for the specific paints I used I found these in my Mum's workshop, we painted our bathroom these colours around a year ago and kept the remains as to not waste. Never know when you'll use them next, eh?
 Remembering this doesn't have to be perfect, I aimed to make all of the paint flat and evenly coloured, two coats settled this pretty well. The inside edges don't have to be neat as the drawers will hide them later on.
 After finishing the painting job, I had to leave the drawers to dry after relocating them inside the house (once again, mind always wary of the English weather). I couldn't keep them on my bed overnight obviously, so Mum kindly lent me a washing basket to shove all my make up bits in. 
 And this is how it finished! A neat and updated storage? yes. A messy bedside table? Yes, of course. I didn't promise a miracle.




  1. that looks lovely! I love the pot you keep your makeup brushes too :)

  2. Love what you done :) very cute! xx

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