Friday 14 September 2012

the army jacket

I've been on the hunt for a good, army, military-inspired jacket for a while now. They're very on trend, autumny and suit the everlasting English awkward weather transition times. However, I've faced the displeasure of having to leave countless jackets in shops, unsatisfied at the price. As much as I want and love something, doesn't mean my possible funds/budget matches up to those of others. And yes, this is my moment of self-sympathy at another six months of being too young to get a job. Anyway, many I've seen have retailed for the £45+ mark, with the odd at around £30 but the quality not being just there enough for me to cave in. So I trudge along to amazon. Deja vu, this happens every time. I find many camouflage print, which although gorgeous I doubt I could pull it off. Simplicity, block subtle colours are my favourites. After a good bit of searching, I find this. Perfect shade of khaki? Yes. Drawstring and ability to be pulled in at the waist? Yes, also. It comes in a range of seasonly appropriate colours, khaki, cream and black. The slightly tacky butterfly brooch is removable, hence why they weren't in the photographs. Most importantly, it's in a size that will actually fit me. And not drown me like the rest of the size 'tens' that I've seen laying around . It has an inner pocket, along with four external pockets that clip up with poppers. Best of all, for under £20. Oh amazon, I do love you.




  1. i love your blog!
    im doing a giveaway at 100 followers,of 2 mac product of the winners choice could you help? xx

  2. I adore that jacket! It's so perfect for cooler weather ((:

  3. I love this jacket and it looks great on you! And I looove your hair :-)

  4. That's gorgeous , I prefer the khaki ones to the army print too as I think they can look a bit garish xx


  5. oooh amazon you clever thing, i love the jacket ! x


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