Wednesday 26 September 2012

It'll steal your heart tonight


firstly I want to apologize for my hiatus from blogging recently, I hate to make excuses but school coursework is pretty much life consuming at the moment, and education is definitely my priority this year. I do miss blogging sometimes, I definitely get withdrawal symptoms after a few days so here's a little update.

On the weekend I went shopping with my Mum, just picked up a few things including the bargainous £5.99 disco pant-esque leggings from H&M kids. The price is wonderful, they fit quite well although bunch the slightest around the knees. The only thing I'm not completely sold on is the waistband, it fits well but isn't very tight due to no elastic being in there. Given the price/general gorgeousness I'm going to sew a band of black elastic and wrap the top part around it, almost a DIY improvement. Not the real disco pants, but for now I'm satisfied with a deal £68 cheaper than the (beautiful) originals. Additionally I purchased a black  bodycon mini skirt from the kids section of H&M for £2.99, to which I really cannot argue. I have another in grey from around a year ago and since then I think they've improved the product - the material feels thicker and sturdier yet hasn't increased in price.

I also bought some magazines, the same as usual really however I was pleasantly surprised as I managed to get a free one from Boots, as I am a holder of their advantage card. With a £10 WHSmith voucher I was awarded by school I purchased two revision guides, RS and Textiles. I have ones for pretty much every subject now so I'm well stocked for exams this year. Lastly I was forced to pick up a new pair of school shoes after my past ones had the sole split open completely after 5 days. A mere five school days. Ridiculous. However, I adore shoe shopping at New Look as they have such a large variety, are good quality and are seriously durable. £19.99 for comfy, stylish, real leather? Yes please.




  1. Great post!! And what a great deal on the disco pants and shoes !! xo

  2. Hey! I spotted you at the Melabelle event and managed to track you down (in a non stalker kind of way). I loved your velvet purple jacket you were wearing that night and wondered where you got it! X


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