Thursday 27 September 2012

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Top Matalan / Cardigan Vintage / Leggings H&M / Boots New Look / Nails Max Factor Fantasy Fire over Nails Inc Piccadilly Circus
Today I got to finish school early for open evening, but am going back tonight to convince all of the little year sixes that Textiles is the best subject...obviously. I adore half-days and cannot wait until next year when I get the freedom of free period and not having to wear uniform. This calls for so many more outfit photos! Onto today's one, I'm wearing my brand new disco pant-esque leggings that I featured in my last post, along with another few of my favourite things. The weather is so indecisive these days, cold and showering one minute (glad I'm not up North right now with these floods!), sunny and reasonable the next. I'm off to Edinburgh this weekend for my Grandad's 88th birthday but as always I'll try and take some photos of the city. I adore it there and haven't been since May, so it'll be lovely to see family and go to Georges St. Their Primark is the greatest, need I say any more?


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  1. I loooove that nail polish colour! :) xx

  2. Cute little cardie, very nice!!

  3. Replies
    1. thankyou Nicole, lovely meeting you on Tuesday xxx

  4. Love the boots! I need a new pair and these have given me some inspiration! Hope you enjoyed Edinburgh! That's where I'm from :) always go back when I can. I checked out eBay in the hope I can find a similar jacket to you and have my eye on a few. Will be sure to mention you if I get one and post about it on my blog :) xxx ps. Following you :) xxx

  5. pretty outfit :) Edinburgh is so lovely, have fun there. Was lovely meeting you last week at the Melabelle event.

    Lola xx


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