Sunday 2 September 2012

fifty shades of purple

Recently I joked with Mum that the main colour I go towards is purple, whenever I branch out from my typical black/white/grey/navy hues. As quoting from her and her Australian humour, I go by 'fifty shades of purple'..nice. It's definitely my favourite - my bedroom walls, camera and phone are all this colour and I think it also looks great in clothing. For me it's about mixing it up, yet toning it down with darker and more simple items of clothing. I'm starting to sound so stylist-y/presenting Fashion Police or something like that today, I'm not sure if I'm into my whole technical approach but in my mind the words almost make sense.
shirt internacionale (the one in Cardiff, my local one closed down and my closest ones now are like 20 miles and unreachable by public tranport away, depressingly enough. I'm sure they still have it in shops though, and you can get it on the website here) / scarf gifted, although is a plain lilac pashmina that I'm sure you can get in market stalls, such as the one in Covent Garden / bag new look / jeans pull & bear / boots new look

Slightly depressed about school starting so soon, I can tell year 11 is going to be so hectic and exam-my and all that. Every girl and their fake eyelashes are getting excited about prom, yet I have mixed thoughts on it? Will have to see where the year takes me. Definitely looking forward to finishing school earlier than usual this year though, next summer will definitely be a long one!


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