Sunday 16 September 2012

something so sentimental, you make so detrimental


  army jacket amazon / black skinny jeans pull & bear / cross beaded top primark / boots new look / nails nails inc piccadilly circus 

This is the outfit I wore today, putting my new army jacket to the test. I spent the day going bowling with my family, after a good start I finished third out of the four of us. Disappointed doesn't quite cut it. I then caught up with some of my favourite blogs, did a little homework and invested some time in a DIY project - post will come as soon as it's finished. I really love lazy Sundays. They don't have to be unproductive, as long as they're relaxing I'm a happy girl!

This upcoming week I know for a fact will be a busy one, I have a dreadful timetable tomorrow, an exciting event coming up on Tuesday that I'll definitely post about after, a presentation evening for school on Wednesday evening then various other study revision activities. I know people say year 11 is a stressful year, I just wish I could delay the impact a bit - 10 days of school in and already feeling the changes from last year.

Before I go I just wanted to thank all of you for reading and following my blog, last week I hit 50 followers and it really means a lot. I also had a massive blog decoration yesterday, removing the galaxy print background and title for something more...subtle. I've wanted to tone it down a bit for a while and I'm glad with how it's come out. What are your thoughts on it? Here's to the next eight months of blogging!


p.s - the title is from this song, a newbie that I'm loving. Carly Rae Jepsen's famous 'Call Me Maybe' may be considered 'infamous' to some, but I personally love her upbeat vibe.


  1. I really like the shirt - lazy sundays are the best. Nothing better than rolling in and out of bed in one continuous loop and sleeping knowing you have done absolutely nothing productive the whole day.

  2. cute outfit! i love the coat.

    lindsey louise

  3. Loving the outfit! :) I'm in need of a jacket like that, going to have to have a hunt around to see what suits me.
    Loving the new blog look, very clean looking :) xx

  4. I love this outfit, it looks so casual and cute. Also you have beautiful eyes :)
    Would you like to follow each other?


  5. love the colours in this outfit and the shirt is really lovely! ahh i never win at bowling, i'm so bad - but yeah lazy sundays are always nice! aha, lovely blog :)xo

  6. I love lazy sundays! This outfit looks really nice, I love the top and jacket xx


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- Thalia

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