Wednesday, 18 April 2012

caramel cupcake

excuse the blue finger...the excitement of nail polish purchases took over so I swatched a colour per finger...minus a base coat. nice one, Thalia. I'll never learn..

I've found the perfect nude nail polish. Sleek, sophisticated, easy with application and long-lasting..what more can I ask from a nail polish costing under £4? Packaging is standard with the range of Rimmel polishes, 10ml of product in a small, shortened, cylinder glass pot. The brush is phenomenal, the polish is easily and quickly distributed, shortening the sometimes tedious nail-painting 'experience'. As for opacity it takes 2-3 coats to become fully opaque, which in my opinion isn't too bad considering the wonderful colour and the short amount of time each coat takes to dry. By applying base and top coats this polish stayed sturdy for a while (until I became bored and added some sparkle top coat). I'd definitely recommend this for anyone needed something smart and subtle, for work or school.

Have you found your perfect nude nail polish?



Let me know your thoughts! If you have a blog, leave the link too so I can check it out.

- Thalia

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