Tuesday 10 April 2012

it's never looking up, never working out

Sweater - Primark
Shorts - Topshop
Tights - Primark

So today most probably has gone down into the records of "most unproductive day Thalia has ever lived", as everything I need to do, hasn't been done. I've organised my lip product storage, studded a corset panel and made my bed..and that is all. Never mind exam revision or bedroom tidying, my procrastination at heart will flip out later in the week as laziness turns to stress.

Not much of a fancy outfit today, with my inspiration being 'if I stay in my pyjamas all day I'll do nothing', yet unfortunately my clothing didn't help motivate me in the slightest.

In more excited terms, I managed to capture almost-accurate photos of the lovely Fanatsy Fire by Max Factor. I spoke briefly of this yesterday, so I shan't bore you with details but it really is as lovely as people rave it to be.

I hope your day was more productive than mine! I'm off to Eastbourne tomorrow with my mum and brother so hopefully some photos should be up when I come back on Thursday!


p.s - title from this song, which I am obsessed with. The guitar in the intro shall shortly be my new ringtone!


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- Thalia

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