Monday 9 April 2012


Was hoping to do a post on the Easter youtube gathering that I attended on Saturday, but none of the photos are uploading. I ordered this shirt, as mentioned in my ARK post and loved the collar. To my disappointment, it was too large for me despite it being in the smallest size, drowning me in size. The fabric wasn't as 'chambray' as it looks on the website which in a way is another negative.

So from now on I'm on the hunt for an item of clothing (preferably a blouse) with a collar similar to this one, like a structured, slightly harsher peter pan collar. Oh, and a few chambray pieces are on my mental to-buy list, I love them!

So Today I went to Stratford Westfields with my lovely Mum as I hadn't yet been there (despite it opening seven months ago...) and bought a few things. Nailpolishes (brings my holiday nail polish purchases to a shameful total of ten), a tie-dye vest top, new pressed powder (mua shade 1: loved the shade 3 I received for my birthday but I was sadly too pale for it) and a new facial scrub, exciting. A few months ago when I had just started my blog I posted about my skincare routine, which since then has kind of spiralled downhill and not made much progress whatsoever. Recently I've found myself on a skincare hype after trying out a sample of Elemis' freshskin exfoliating scrub, which was amazing! I googled the product of wonder and came to the conclusion that no matter how lovely it was, £12 for 100ml of product was just (way) too steep for my price range. So I settled with Neutrogena's visibly clear pink grapefruit daily scrub, costing me £3.09 for 150ml. I'm looking forward to using this after seeing positive reviews; more than anything I want to improve my skin.

Sticking with the whole beauty-hype happiness theme, today I did buy the highly coveted Fantasy Fire nailpolish from Max Factor. By now, everyone has seen this everywhere and it really has not disappointed me. I do admit to applying it over Barry M's Bright Purple almost immediately after I got home today, giving wonderful results. The brush, considering the small size of the polish is lovely and easy to use..and the colour itself really is as gorgeous as everyone says. Please, just..if you haven't bought it already, buy it. You won't regret it!



  1. cute shirt, shame it's too big for you! xxx

    1. I know right! on the hunt to find one that's small enough haha!xx


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