Friday 27 April 2012

Shopping. Like many of you I'm a self-confessed addict, with clothes being on my mind frightfully much. Wishlists, collages and thoughts are dedicated to these happy beings, so when I found out about a new way of shopping, my attention was instantly caught. promotes the idea of selling or swapping clothes you haven't worn for a while to a community who adores fashion as much as you do. The process is easy - take a photo of the item, then upload. An account isn't required with the ability to sign in via, right?

The process of actually buying an item on the website is surprisingly easy - no bidding waits or worries about dodgy delivery: the shipment and payment details are sorted personally by the two fashion-lovers involved. Together you can agree on reasonable rates that can satisfy the both of you.

As it's the real, normal people involved there aren't size restrictions like you may find on other websites - they are the sizes anyone sells, not the sizes a company chooses.

Although the shopping experience itself is independent, the side provides moderators that can help with any issues, such as fretting over prices etc. It's a safe environment that no shopper should want to miss out on!

visit friendly fashion here!


This post isn't 'sponsored' - emails have been sent between myself and the lovely Jolita, a lady behind the idea. This idea is that this will be returned in the form of other posts, in a way promoting eachother.


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