Friday, 13 April 2012

peaches and glisten

Two of my newest nail polish purchases - Barry M's Peach Melba and 17's Glisten (that's a total of ten this week, think that's a hint to hold back for a bit?!) Peach Melba had been on my mental wishlist for a good few months now, and considering it only cost £3 I'm unsure of why I hadn't 'taken the plunge' earlier. As in the name it's a beautiful peachy colour, very summery and would look gorgeous with a tan. Glisten is one of 17's newest polishes, and instantly after catching a glimpse of this I bought it. It reminds me of a pretty blush, almost a lighter, pinker version of Sleek's Rose Gold. Layered these look beautiful, with Peach Melba delivering an opaque base, perfect in tone to match Glisten. Definitely a combination to be rocking out this summer!

Will you be wearing these polishes this summer?!



Let me know your thoughts! If you have a blog, leave the link too so I can check it out.

- Thalia

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