Tuesday 17 April 2012

creeping into my mind.

Excuse the title, had to be done, eh?!

So- Creepers. They're everywhere right now, it's virtually impossible to not have heard of or seen a pair of them. Started as a trend within the more punky/rocky styles a while back, these shoes have levelled themselves with a larger community, and are now seen everywhere!
The signature chunky heel and appearance make this style of shoes very hit and miss, although in the past few weeks they've been growing on me, 'creeping into my mind'. After watching a youtube video this morning (after stupidly overestimating the amount of time it would take me to get ready for school, leaving half an hour to kill) I've been converted. Chockers Shoes sell a range of the creeper style shoes, except a  third of the price and with a more wearable heel thickness. Available in a range of materials and colours, every style is offered a shoe finish within this brand. I'm so tempted to buy these, a feminine approach to the trend, which personally I feel is more wearable and versatile. At £22 they are bargainous, especially in compariosn to the £80something price tag to the real deal.

available here, if you search 'flatforms' into the search box they'll pop up!

So what do you think - are Creepers a trend worth approaching? Are you into the real deal or do you seek cheaper alternatives like myself?


p.s completely unsponsored, just excitement over shoes.


  1. at first i thought creepers were really gothic and they didn't appeal to me at all, they're growing on me now though. i actually prefer a lot of the fake ones more as the flatform isn't as high so they don't look as punky xxx

    1. I feel the same way, thhe fake ones can be worn in a more subtle style :) xxxx

  2. They are not completely my style, but I love the one with the animal print! So cute!

    xx Romy


    1. the animal print ones are so cute! way too out there for myself though, you should try them out! they are cute xxxx

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- Thalia

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