Friday 20 April 2012

models own coral lipstick

This lipstick = stepping into summer. Creamy in texture yet pigmented in colour, models own coral lipstick is quite wearable, despite it being so bright. It definitely requires confidence to wear it, and the you-are-wearing-bright-lipstick frame of mind, so taking caution with leaning on your face/drinking must be taken. Without a doubt it's the brightest lipstick in my collection, and sadly the one I've worn least. After recieving this in the £10 models own gift bag at the Clothes Show Live last year I've wanted to try it out, but have never had the ocassion (or correct weather.) So I've challenged myself to bite the bullet - during the summer I want to try this out more, as its formulation is too good to miss.

What lipstick is your favourite coral?



  1. looks lush with your bright blue peepers :)

  2. I love the coral! Cool lipstick!

    xx Romy

  3. Such a lovely shade, you really suit it!

  4. Beautiful colour, love coral lipstick for spring/summer x

  5. I love the shade! my fav coral is definitely mac cut a caper :) I don't find dark orange to suit me so I stick with pastel corals.
    anyway, love your blog and your blog name!


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- Thalia

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