Tuesday 3 April 2012

nameless nails

*wins the award for being the single most difficult nail polish to photograph on the planet*
This colour, from Colourworks, is nameless.
I got given it by a friend in a set around a year ago, and have been putting off trying it because I was convinced it wouldn't work, would be too sheer etc. I applied this yesterday, and was unpleasantly surprised at how long and complicated the application was. Gloopy in consistency, but pretty in colour, I was still undecided. After applying a base coat, four coats of polish and top coat, taking half an hour, my nails were done. Forced to stay still for ten minutes after, afraid that smudging a single nail could set be back another ten minutes. Concluding all of this fussy, delayed timing business the job was done. My nails were left a pretty, shimmery rose colour, with a textured, almost bumpy effect being left on the nails. Thankfully this is more desirable in real life than it sounds, so I'm pleased.

Hope you enjoyed my nail polish story! Have you ever spent a long time looking after your nails?!


  1. love your blog so much darlin xxxx

  2. I love that colour! It is super pretty xo


    1. woo same! will check out your blog:) xx


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- Thalia

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