Friday 6 April 2012

topshop - a source of inspiration

Topshop's free magazine, Spring/Summer 2012.
Eva Chen: one of the people that inspire me, that I look up to greatly.
Magazines, for me, always have and always be a huge inspiration towards my love for fashion. High Street fashion in particular strook me at a young age, teaching me that riches didn't have to be the main contributor towards style. Monthly I read Company and Glamour magazines, looking at Elle, Teen Vogue and Marie Claire every two months or so. Many consider Vogue to be 'the bible' of fashion, to which I can't disagree, though personally I choose not to read it. The fashion and quality of writing inside it is outstanding, though marketed towards those more interested in high-fashion, and ultimately, those with the money to purchase the designs.

Many high street stores such as Topshop and H&M offer free, seasonal magazines on offer to those who shop in their stores, and I find these in particular a significant source of inspiration. I could spend years devouring over the images of beautiful clothes, styles and cosmetics they'll be releasing in the upcoming weeks.

Here I have a collection of my favourite images from the magazine, those which stood out to me more than others.

Where do you find your main sources of inspiration?



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