Thursday 8 August 2013

catching up with Clem

Covent Garden musings
Sass & Belle (online here)
Lush charity pot & a view I will never tire of seeing
 Southbank seating & a free ticket home!

You know that feeling when you meet someone and you just click...and you feel like you've known them for ages? That's how I feel around Clem. I met her back in April at Rosie's Blogger Bake Sale which I posted about here and ever since we've stayed in contact. Unfortunately she's relocating up to the lovely city of Stirling in Scotland next month (which I have been to, and I must note, it is SO pretty there!) to do her Masters degree, the clever thing. Making the most of her last month in London, we met up to discuss nice food, sit on the Southbank, waltz around South London and mooch around Covent Garden for a while, before finally settling for a catch up on Victoria Embankment. 

Lunch at Las Iguanas was essential. Unfortunately I didn't take any photos there, but in my defence my full attention was dedicated to the huge (and beautiful) enchilada sitting on my plate. Sometimes you have to be selfish and keep those experiences to yourself...hehehe. It was my fourth time there and the third different chain I've been to and it didn't disappoint. It very nearly accommodated Clem's vegan lifestyle after a bit of asking the waiter for no cheese, along with some very persuasive styles, the meal suit both her and my I'll-eat-anything-except-seafood-and-nuts attitude. The only thing about LG is that it is definitely on the fancier end of the spectrum in terms of food and price and is a special meal rather than a regular occurrence. Back to my £3 Subway meal I go....

We walked over one of the bridges walking towards north of the river, the one that I swear used to be wobbly but now isn't?! I vaguely remember being young (think 10 years ago or so) and being so excited as I wobbled in Central London with my Gran. Wasn't I a cool kid?! Heading towards Covent Garden, we found ourselves becoming lost in the midst of old bookstores, with shelves filled to the brim of classic pages by well-known writers. Covent Garden is one of my all time favourite places in London. A touristy classic filled with crafty buys, endless Lush soaps and market stalls with unique earrings. I picked up a little sign for my Grandma to take home to Australia with 'keep calm and drink tea' on it, which she loved. She's an obsessive tea-drinker to say the least and the iconic 'keep calm' phrase acted as a great souvenir to remind her of London. Clem found a mug with a moustache on, so naturally a photo had to be taken to capture the moment. A quick nip into the Lush store was necessary, of course. After acts of restraint had to be taken place, I left with only one item..their famous charity pot. Costing only £1, this miniscule package is ridiculously hard to open and thus I haven't actually tried out the lotion, as it is sitting inside there, completely trapped. I'm not too gutted as all of the money (except VAT) went to some brilliant charities and the packaging is so so so cute.

Afterwards we headed towards Victoria Embankment, had a nice chat and then walked back south of the River Thames. I will never get tired of seeing that beautiful and iconic London view. Very generic in terms of a photo opportunity but I simply had to capture the moment. After saying goodbye to Clem at Waterloo, I bumped into some friends who kindly gave me a free travelcard to get home. They said that the ticket machine was faulty and gave them seven more tickets than they actually needed - something that rarely ever happens! (Cheers Rob, Ryan and Tim.)

So that was all! I loved being able to catch up with Clem in London. The phrase reminds me so much of the Kardashians, but you never know...maybe 'Catching up with Clémence' will debut on E! in a few years?!



  1. The bake sale sounded awesome I'd have loved to have gone. Sounds like a lovely day it's so nice to live so close to the central areas of London xx

    1. It was great, I'm sure Rosie will host more in the future though so do look out for those. It is nice, I consider myself very lucky to get a good balance between city and suburban life xx

  2. Ha, yes, we need a TV show! XD

    What a lovely day that was. (Your photography is gorgeous, btw.) I'm glad I got that flower crown, and I wish I'd got the moustache mug. I might go back and get the moustache mag. Agh.

    I'm so glad we got to have at least one good catch-up before I leave, hopefully will do another one! :) What a sweet little peach you are xoxo

    1. Thank you Clem! There were lots of good photo opportunities and obviously I couldn't refrain from taking lots of piccies. You should go back or just buy it online, but any excuse to go back to Covent Garden is fabulous! Hehehe xxx

  3. I love the charity pot it smells so nice :) x


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