Monday 26 August 2013

seize the day

tunic (worn as top) topshop via charity shop / skirt american apparel (sale, of course) / belt topshop / satchel peacocks / black patent cut out brogues office / bracelets, assorted, from travels / no nail polish (!!!) - I honestly never thought this day would come.

The other day I heard a song for the first time, aptly titled 'seize the day'. I got that feeling when you discover something ever so perfect that you want to listen to it all day, but are forced to refrain from doing so merely because you don't want to ruin the effect by repeating it excessively. It's just that good. Will Heard managed to create perfection in musical form and wow, it is so commendable. So taking the message from the song, I decided to have an ΓΌber productive day and got so much done, including helping sort out the rather dire lighting situation in my room, recyling 56+ odd bits of paper and embarking on a general tidy around the place. I can now see floor guys, this hints at an improvement. For the reference, it's navy. It's not normal that during summer I get loads done, simply as my adoration for my bed tends to overwhelm me during August; but today has been an exception. *Cue fabulous mood* It's really nice to feel happy and buzzed. Recent disappointments have got to me recently but days like today have taught me to take them in my stride and use previous failures as an advantage for the future. 


p.s - I promise that from now on my posts won't be so philosophical/rambly/self centred, I just felt the need to express my current feelings!
p.p.s - my usual nail polished talons will return soon, guaranteed. A breather was definitely overdue.

now playing: will heard - seize the day


  1. love your brogues :) X

    1. ah cheers - they were a sale buy (as are a lot of my things!) xx

  2. I looove your blog! Such a cute outfit, new follower :) <3
    Lydia Rose

  3. I don't mind rambly/philosophical posts, I think they're interesting! And I LOVE your satchel, I've been looking for a good one myself.


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- Thalia

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