Saturday 3 August 2013

h&m trouser mania

recent h&m finds: khaki - £12.99 / navy - £5 / purple - £7

Now that it's August I can accept that it is merely a month until I start sixth form, which happens to be the first time since nursery that I have freedom of choice over the clothes I wear on weekdays. About time, yes. It's been a long twelve years. Naturally, this made me a tiny bit nervous on the clothing front and consequently my need (and want, let's be honest) for some more trousers amplified considerably. I essentially live in jeans but as any Brit would know, there are days when it's too warm for jeans but just that ickle bit too cold for bare legs. These three pairs came to a total of £24.99 and all of them fit very well. I've shown them all both worn with the legs rolled and unrolled just to see the variation: I love how the purple thick leggings have a darker inner as it shows an unexpected contrast. I would definitely suggest you go have a search through H&M's sale racks, the navy and purple trousers were both absolute bargains and superbly comfortable too.

Do not fret, my next post will not be about trousers/jeans/anything that falls within the 'bottoms' category. I'm just obsessed right now, I can't help it...



  1. I'm addicted to Zara trousers, they always are the perfect style & fit! These looks good too thoughxx

  2. Love them! I do love H&M for things like this, they do basics so well and it's always good that they're affordable too!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.


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