Sunday 18 August 2013

clutching on to my mind

both clutches purchased at local charity shops, totalling around the £5 mark

Never underestimate the power of the clutch. Your loyal companion on nights out, the perfect reassurance that your essentials are indeed on you at all times and that last piece of the puzzle when completing an outfit. Additionally it acts as a barrier, restricting you from lugging your life/27 kilograms of luggage on you at all times. To people who do that - I completely understand you. The category 'essentials' can become somewhat expanded from time to time. But doesn't your back hurt from all of this strain? If I want to be carrying lots of things I would much prefer it be new purchases. Just sayin'.

A while back I discovered these two beauties to fill the clutch-shaped hole in my heart. Both charity shop buys as cheap as chips. Both came with a longer strap that I've strategically hidden in the photos but will undoubtedly end up using regularly when out and about. This saves the inevitable regular hand-swaps and paranoia regarding potentially putting it down somewhere and then losing it forever. Now that would be bad. 


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  1. I recently bought my first ever clutch and having been using it so much more then i thought i would! They are just so handy. Love the black one!xx


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