Wednesday 7 August 2013

that's what I would do if I could turn back time

 blouse primark / trousers h&m / satchel internacionale / trainers converse / watch casio via asos / earrings new look / sunglasses primark / bracelets assorted, from travels / nails: giles (new look) unnamed

location: Box Hill, Surrey

I've been asking my Mum for months if we could go back and visit Box Hill, it's easily one of my favourite places in Surrey (along with Guildford) and offers brilliant panoramic views. It also contains childhood memories, ones involving picnics and a seven year old me running down to the bottom of the hill and taking an hour to walk back up it again. 

Onto something more exciting, a few months ago I wrote a couple of articles for online magazine Atelier Indigo and it was published the other day! It's the third issue to be released, edited and compiled by fellow blogger Kelsey who you can find at Runaway in LA. I'm so excited as it's my first article published in a magazine so a big step for me in terms of progress for the future. You can read the magazine online here and find me or my bits of my writing on pages 9, 58-59 and 80-82.

I've just gone and got another ear piercing and am about to leave for a course this evening in central London, exciting stuff!I have a feeling that August has a lot in store and I can't wait to make the most of the end of this summer.


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  1. Man that's so good to be published already! Congrats!!xx

  2. Well done on getting published, THAT'S AMAZEBALLS!!!! Very proud of you :)


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