Wednesday 14 August 2013

honestly I wanna see you be brave

jumper primark / pale pink blouse (worn underneath) miss selfridge via charity shop / indigo joni jeans topshop / black croc bag vintage / black loafers new look / bracelets assorted, from travels / nails: topshop nails in 'suffuse' - buy online here ~ post about it here 

Fashion blogging has taught me that lazy days don't necessarily have to be boring when it comes to choice of clothing, well...not necessarily. Mum kindly picked up this jumper for me during her most recent Primark visit, coming home and proudly claiming 'this is so you, Thalia!' She was correct, of course. My Mum probably knows me better than anybody else. I must also credit her for letting me borrow this cute and impractically-sized beauty that is this black croc bag. I can get over the strange strap length and tiny interior as it's just so beautiful. One can get over such small problems when aesthetically it ticks every box.

I'm off camping for the second weekend in a row in a couple of days time, back to Wales for the second time in two weeks. This is a massive statement for me as until now I have probably been camping a mere five or six times. However, I was reassured. We're going 'glamping', so everything will be alright. I've always thought that camping needed to up-the-ante, my mind is still full of memories regarding cold and soaking tents in the chilly Autumn of northern India. Fabulous, I remind myself.

I'm scheduling a couple of posts whilst I'm away which hopefully, should all go to plan...fingers crossed. If not, you'll get another glimpse of my adventures upon my return on Monday. That is if my mood isn't somewhat manipulated by the fact that it is results week, so the vibe I will probably end up going for is nervous/sweaty/paranoid/agitated. Such a charming combination.

Speak soon,


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  1. Loce the bracelets! Glamping! Maaan I so want to do that, have fun!xx

  2. So beautiful, I absolutely love your jumper & the bag is the sweetest <3

    Jennie xo |


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