Sunday 25 August 2013

DIY floral stationery jars

old jam jars assorted, although you can buy fab cheapy ones from ikea here / fabric tape tiger / pens tesco, featured in my recent post on stationery buys which you can find here.

Despite how I am one of the least craftiest  people ever, I had an unexpected surge of creativity the other day when trying to sort out my ever-growing collection of coloured pens. I grabbed some floral fabric tape which I purchased from Tiger a few months ago for a mere £3 and made sure the jars I had were clean inside and out. Holding the jar on its side, I then lined up the tape parallel to the bottom of the jar but not quite touching, so allowing a little bit of space at the bottom. I then carefully spun the tape around, crossing over slightly so no clear glass could be seen. Upon reaching the top, all I did was carefully pull the tape around for just over a full rotation and then snip with scissors. Et voilà ! Very very simple. I imagine this would look nice with lace or broderie anglaise as well as they would add some texture to spice up a normally dull desk! What I love about this is that it is so affordable, quick and easy and spices up your stationery really quickly.

Are you going to give this tutorial a try?




  1. So cute, would never have thought of using fabric tape x

  2. Such a lovely idea! Especially for the upcoming back to school rush and I have a guilty pleasure for stationary...
    Ellie x


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