Saturday 10 August 2013

MUA matte perfect primer

mua matte perfect primer - £4 from superdrug / mua website

When my mini sample of Benefit's porefessional primer ran out, I knew that I needed to buy an affordable replacement. This small tube of MUA's matte perfect primer fills the job brilliantly; smoothing any pores, lines or acne scars and lightly covering them with a light, moose-y texture. The pale peach colour of the primer as shown in the photo above shouldn't faze you, it blends into the skin wonderfully and the shade cannot be seen after doing so. In terms of its ability to prime, I commend it. Considering it cost only £4, I wasn't expecting miracles but I was pleasantly surprised. I feel much more confident wearing foundation over this than when I go without, as it reassures me that my foundation won't budge for many hours. The scent is light and shouldn't aggravate sensitive skin: I have combination/sensitive acne-prone skin and this doesn't irritate it or break me out. However, if your skin is super-sensitive I would give this a miss just to be careful. 

On another note, I know the purpose of this product is simply to prime the skin for foundation, locking it in place; however I think perhaps on lazy days it works good for evening out skin tones, and therefore could be worn without foundation on top if you were wanting a chilled, no makeup vibe. In terms of comparison to Benefit's porefessional primer, I don't have that one on me at the moment so I cannot show you via photos. Naturally, I would say that due to it being a high-end product it performs better, smooths out your skin slightly more and performs better in terms of longevity; however the MUA primer doesn't do a half bad job. I think it's perfect for us who are on a budget! Just think of it this way: you could buy six MUA primers instead of a single Benefit primer, and still have enough change for a Mars bar. *does the maths* or you could put it this way: £24.50 could buy you 90ml of MUA's primer and a chocolate, or 22ml of Benefit's primer. Now, take a moment to think about that... Win? I think so. 

What's your favourite primer and why would you recommend it?



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