Friday 9 August 2013

stationery haulin'

fuchsia folder rymans / all of the rest tesco

If anyone ever tells you that they're 'not really into stationery', they are lying. I can pretty much guarantee that an inkling of every human being is delighted by the mere prospect of new stationery, myself included. So yeah, 'new school year, new start' thinks everyone, once again, myself included. Now that I've technically left school, I'm off to start my A-Levels at Sixth Form. What does this mean for me? Stress, exams, responsibility, revision, university applications and endless planning. 'I may as well ease myself into it and start on a high note', I thought to myself.*

*and then promptly decides to raid my local Tesco's.

Good luck for the new school/university year to all of you students, and if you've left the never-ending system of education, good luck to you too. May we all drown our sorrows in gel pens and cute ring binders.



  1. Pink bluetack wooooaaaah I'm going to hunt for some of that stuff! What a levels are you thinking of taking?xx

    1. English Literature/Language, French, Geography and Sociology. I'll also have to take a course in Critical Thinking xx

  2. this is always me at the start of the year and by the end i'm usually using just a pen i've found somewhere ahahah xx

  3. New school supplies are the best! Colourful pens are a must-have, they liven up boring notes perfectly! ;)

    Jennie xo |

  4. I am all over stationary. I am with you on people saying they don't love stationary, because everyone loves a bit of stationary.




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